Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Michiana Korean-American SDA Church 미시아나 한미 재림 교회


유박사가 쿨만씨를 만나다 Dr. Yoo Met Mr. Coleman

At 1:45 pm June 4, 2015 at JJC, Dr. Ken Yoo met Mr. Sean Coleman (Director of Detention, St. Joseph County Probate Court, Juvenile Justice Center, 1000 S Michigan St., South Bend, IN 46601) and discussed the following issues:

1. Need to have a drug test for all who handed in Volunteer Applications to JJC so far eight church members.

2. How to give the Bibles to juveniles in JJC and let them take them home for their future reading.

3. Sharing what we discussed with JJC Chapalin the Rev. Carol Mayernick.