Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Michiana Korean-American SDA Church 미시아나 한미 재림 교회


유박사가 JJC 원목 마요넥 박사 만나다 Dr. Yoo Met JJC Chaplin Dr. Mayernick

Last Thursday (June 4, 2015) at 1:00 pm Dr. Kennth Yoo met JJC Chaplain Dr. Mayonech at JJC meeting room and discussed the following matters:

1. How Dr. Yoo can help the offical caring of detainees who would attend for their own spiritual growth program after they get out of JJC.

2. How Dr. Yoo will work as volunteer chaplain in giving away Bibles to the detainees.

3. Celebrating JJC Spiritual Journal that Dr. Mayonech recently published.

4. How to promote around chuches help to take care of the detainees when they get out of JJC.